December 12, 2010

Excerpt from the Namthar of Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje

I figured for my first blog post I’d post a [very] recently translated excerpt from the Namthar (sacred biography) of Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje. This portion of the biography is how Do Khyentse received the Dzinpa Rangdrol Terma from Machig Labdron and Padampa Sangye. 

Thanks to Sarah Schneider for this preliminary translation!

Excerpt from the Liberation Story of Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje
Sarah Schneider has translated the visions connected to how the Dzinpa Rangdröl mind terma was received by Do Khyentse from Dampa Sangye and Machig. Below is the first of those visions. It is an unpolished translation, but just to give you the taste of the material:

“In the dragon year, in the first month on the 25th day (Dakini Day), at the break of dawn, within the expanse of rainbow light in the space before him, Machig Labdronma, surrounded by five dakinis, together with male and female yogins like masses of stars appeared before Do Khyentse. 

He saw her dancing and trembling. Through the sounds of Hung Phet, emptiness thundered and roared. Then due to his previous habit of great reverence and faith in Machig, he prostrated.

She said, “The emanation of Tsogyal is the emanation body of Machig. Dualism in my mind-stream is liberated in its own place. The four maras of conceptual thoughts are cut through into basic space. Being free from all husks of experiences of emptiness, you enter the blessings of the Great Mother, the blessings of realization, the continuum of enlightened mind.”… 
…”When you’ve reached the limit of taming beings, I will transfer the blessing of my enlightened mind-stream’s realization.  Having perfected the benefit of beings with form and without form, when your life is at an end, don’t turn away from samsara.  In you, unelaborated, like the sky, the way of secret skillful means, have skillful conduct with the transmission of the dakinis.” 

She said this, excellently pacifying. Then abiding on the crown of his head, she gave him the Entrustment ceremony (bka’ gtad pron. Ka tey).  He thought that he should receive empowerment and transmission.  Just as he was thinking this, amrita filled the skull-cup and brother and sister (Do Khyentse and his sister Losel Drolma (or Wangmo)) experienced drinking it. She (Machig) gave him a small glass mirror with rainbow designs. Having seen only a few pages of the texts, “The Hearing Lineage of Great Oral Instructions that Holds the Hands of the Buddhas,” and “The Ambrosial Pith Instructions from the Excellent Vase of the Throat,”

She said to him, “It will become clear in your mind. Now all the empowerments, transmissions, teachings, and instructions are spontaneously complete. Do not doubt.”

Then as soon as everything faded into rainbow colors, he awoke from sleep. A wonderful aroma pervaded his room. Rainbow colors could be seen from the four directions. It faded and his sister experienced unfathomable visions. Then having grasped this, he became temporarily victorious over the enemies of perverted aspirations. And he took up the conduct of the lord of yogins.” (excerpts from Do Khyentse’s Biography)


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